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Revista de educación nº 397. July-September 2022


Articles: Design and validation of the Self-Perception and Perception of Bullying in Adolescents Scale (SPB-A) ; Cyberbullying and suicidal behavior in adolescent students: A systematic review ; Cyberbullying and Executive Functions in children and adolescents: a systematic review ; What do parents think about cyberbullying?: A systematic review of qualitative studies ; Social support, socio-emotional competencies and cybervictimisation: a longitudinal analysis among primary school students ; Class-level effects on cybervictimization in secondary students: A multilevel analysis ; Cyber-control and cyber-aggression toward the partner in adolescent students: Prevalence and relationships with cyberbullying ; Reviewing the role of Education in the prevention of radicalisation in Europe ; Research informed educational practice: how to help educators engage with research for the common good ; Plastics: a literature review in science education (2010-2019) ; ; Study of academic plagiarism through multidimensional scaling and network analysis ; The Spanish Public University: A justified proposal to enhance its contribution to economic growth and positioning in international rankings ; The bilingual programme in Madrid and its effects on learning

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