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Revista de educación nº 395. January-March 2022


Presentation: Exploring what is common and public in teaching practices ; Why the form of teaching matters: Defending the integrity of education and of the work of teachers beyond agenda and good intentions ; Please, show me your world! A sophistical practice of teaching ; Conserve, pass on, desire. Edifying teaching practices to restore the publicness of education ; The teachers' Pascalian wager. The reasonable folly of education as a public good ; Teacherly gestures as an ontological dimension of politics: On the need of commonising in an age of pervasive privatization ; Returning education to the common: reckoning together in contemporary schooling

The ends of public schools and why society needs teachers ; The common school and its dunces: Parents, homework, and the inheritance of the "vie collective" ; Neoliberal educational free choice versus the conception of education as a common and public good ; The common and the public in teaching practices from the community funds of knowledge and identity approach ; Primary and secondary students' views of learning personalisation: construction and validation of a scale ; Academic achievement in middle childhood: relationships with Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills ; The lack of influence of class size on students¿ academic performance: empirical evidence for Andalusia ; Factors related to distorted thinking about women and violence in Secondary School students

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